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We will help you integrate client data from the carrier excel files!

ProducerMAX is an easy-to-use CRM and Commissions tool designed for health insurance agents by integrating their data in carrier excel files into the agent’s device using advanced encryption standards.
FACT: Lack of access to your book of business decreases your client retention rate.
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Unify clients across carriers for all products
Integrate your client data from carrier portals with a few clicks to have a complete view of your clients in one secure place
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FACT: COVID-19 is changing client interactions
SOA is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
FACT: Client relationships are the backbone of your business. ProducerMAX can help you easily track it every step of the way.
Save time
Instant access to client information
Save effort and time searching for client information. Through ProducerMAX, you can find your clients' details – plans, doctors, medical conditions, medications, eligibilities, documents, appointments, and notes. ProducerMAX enhances your client relationships through more knowledgeable conversations by instantly accessing critical information from your mobile device.
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FACT: Many agents lack confidence in their commission statement.
Audit earnings
Track every commissionable dollar
Don't let your hard-earned commissions slip through your fingers due to glitches in carrier systems. ProducerMAX automatically forecasts calendar year commissions and allows you to do month-over-month tracking of every commission dollar you are owed.
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FACT: Many CRMs force you into a workflow process that does not fit your business.
Grow business
Track renewals & cross-sell opportunities
Send reminders to clients before their policy renewal date. Track your client profile and identify cross/up sell opportunities based on special eligibilities like: Low Income, Dual, Veteran, Geography, Age
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FACT: HIPAA and NAIC mandates agent to encrypt client data and documents on all devices.
Meet HIPAA and NAIC Compliance
Encrypt your client data on all devices
ProducerMAX encrypts your client data and documents on your computer and mobile devices using industry-leading cryptography algorithms to keep you compliant with HIPAA and NAIC cybersecurity regulations.
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  • Track client policies, notes, demographics
  • Fax paper applications to carrier
  • Instant access to Plan Benefit Summary
  • Scan your client documents with security
  • Meet HIPAA and NAIC compliance standards
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