What is our Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution?

As agent's business grows, clients data spreads across carrier portals. ProducerMAX will help to unify client data and make it easily accessible on your devices. Our platform enables agents to maintain their client's information, including conversations, eligibilities, preferences, policies, and more.

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ProducerMAX - What is Client Management solution?
Key Features

Unify Clients

Client Profile

Simple & Quick Setup

Mobile CRM App

Real-time Notification


Integration & API

Client Management

To-Do List

Task Management

Birthday Alerts

Client Notes

Client Policies

Custom Fields

Upload Documents

Tough Security

AWS Hosting

Data Encryption

Simple to Learn

Easy to Use

ProducerMAX - Unify your fragmented data
Unify your fragmented data!

ProducerMAX makes it easy for you to bring together your client data from multiple carriers and products to access the information from one page. ProducerMAX has intelligence to recognize and automatically integrate excel files from 15 leading Medicare carriers.

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Run business from your phone!

We know your business can take you to remote places. The ProducerMAX mobile app is designed to work without internet. You can be confident you'll have access to your client's profile, policies, notes, activities, and files - anywhere, any time.

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ProducerMAX - Run your business from phone
Watch the benefits of ProducerMAX!

This short video demonstrates the benefits of using ProducerMAX for you and your clients.

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Know Your Client Calls!

Recognizing your clients when they call is essential. Our mobile app notifies you when clients are calling.

ProducerMAX - Know Your Client Calls
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Don't you and your business deserve these benefits?
  • Instantly complete CMS SOA form for walk-in leads
  • Fax paper application to carriers with no additional cost
  • Access client information without an internet connection
  • Refer nationwide plan summary of benefits with one-click
  • Safeguard client data & documents from malware apps
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